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The Joker From Batman Kandi Mask



The Joker is a character from the Batman Comics released in the year 1940 by DC Comics. Created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson, he was really a heck of a supervillain, who was initially killed during the initial stages, but after so much popularity, was brought back to be the mainstay villain and archenemy of the superhero Batman. The Character of Joker was portrayed to be a man with a criminal mastermind and seems to be a psycho with a sadistic sense and later changed to be goofy prankster to abide by the Comics Code Authority. He then went back to his natural ways in the 1970’s. The Batmen series shows a fight amongst the good and the evil, where Batmen the good Samaritan fights the evil villain The Joker all times to save the earth from the evil plans from the Joker. The weird look of Joker attributes to a lot of stories and some say that he fell into a tank containing chemical waste, which could’ve turned his black hair into green color and turned his skin to a bleach white color and lips to deep red color. Even though he is not said to possess any superhuman powers like Batman, he still uses his extreme knowledge of chemical engineering to develop lethal weapons which could cause huge destruction to Earth. Kandi Gear, one of the most popular Kandi mask makers all over the world, has come up with another classic in bringing to life the character of the dangerous and always an enthusiastic super villain “The Joker” with this beautiful beaded rave mask. Kids will really love to get this rave gear onto their face, as many love the joker, even he’s a super villain, because of his sense of humor.

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