Cute Smiling Turtle Squirtel Pokemon Kandi Mask

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The vibrancy and bold coloring of this mask can bring even the shyest person out of their shell. The Cute Smiling Turtle Squirtel Pokemon Kandi Mask is a one of kind design that will have your friends asking, where did you get that? Are you wanting to show off your individuality but do know how? By wearing this mask you can show how fun you can be and the funky sense of style that you possess. The high quality designed beaded Kandi Mask is both functional and durable. The handmade craftsmanship that goes into these pieces is unrivaled and unmatched. If you are needing a cool and different look for Halloween or if you are just wanting to show off your stylish side, this Kandi mask is perfect for just about any occasion. The mix of colors leap out at you and become like Kandi for your eyes.
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