Rainbow Sub Zero Kandi Mask

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Sub Zero is a popular character from the Mortal Kombat Video game series that first featured in 1992. The Subzero character is the only character that has found a place in each and every fighting game of the Mortal Kombat game. Also, Subzero has been featured in many other film and animation series based on Mortal Kombat, so all fans and followers of the Mortal Kombat game, love the Subzero character very much. Kandi gear has come up with a mask with beautiful rave beads that depict this popular video game character, Subzero. Subzero is a terrific fighter who has this amazing power to control ice and to turn enemies into ice instantly. In Mortal Kombat II, it was shown that Subzero died during a fight and his younger brother took his place. But in the future series, the name of the younger brother was renamed to be Subzero and his elder brother was called as Nob Saibot. Kids still remember the violent fights between Subzero and the dangerous and fearsome Scorpion character. All Kandi mask patterns from Kandi gear are extremely unique and made from high quality Kandi beads that you won’t find anywhere in the industry. Each mask is specially handmade by mask making experts, which have a lot of experience in this industry and come with painted beads with beautiful colors to match the character of the mask. All masks are made from highly durable mono-filament line with high quality elastic materials for the traps. Kandi gear masks are the most celebrated rave clothing for most of the ravers attending rave parties, music festivals, EDM’s and other casual get-together among ravers. Sporting a mask from Kandi gear is the ultimate way of expressing their love to the rave community.
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