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  • Rainbow Striped Cat Surgical Kandi Mask - Kandi
  • Rainbow Striped Cat Surgical Kandi Mask - Kandi

Rainbow Striped Cat Surgical Kandi Mask


Cats are one of the most lovable pet animals. They often clean their coats by themselves. The coat of the domestic tabby cat has unique striped patterns that make them even more attractive that they look similar to tigers. Rainbow colors along with striped cat pattern is one of the unique mask patterns introduced by Kandi Gear. The rainbow colors makes the mask pattern unique. The striped cat pattern gives a majestic and stand-alone appearance to the mask. Kandi patterns are unique for their rave colors and go well with any kind of rave wear coupled with rave accessories. Cats are one of the most scientific species whose activities can be related to most of the scientific concepts in physics. They are very flexible; they compress and elongate their spine, making them smaller to sleep in snuggly places or longer to leap across wider spaces. They have big glowing eyes and no eyelashes. Cats are also known to not have sweat glands. They possess excellent survival instincts and are known to be tireless hunters. They are far-sighted and cannot see things that are close by. Cats are considered sacred in Japan and are considered as the guardians of underworld. They have excellent sense of smell, hearing and are one of the most intelligent creatures. They can acquire information, retain and utilize in future to solve problems. Cat’s ability to investigate new environments is legendary and their ability to retain information is considered to be superior over all domestic animals. Rainbow Striped Cat surgical Kandi Mask by Kandi Gear is made of Rave beads and is of a multi-color stripes. The multi-color pattern suits well for rave outfits and can be coupled with Kandi Gear accessories such as Kandi bracelets, Kandi cuffs, Rave clothing and so on.

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