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  • Rainbow Spider Web Heart Kandi Mask - Kandi
  • Rainbow Spider Web Heart Kandi Mask - Kandi

Rainbow Spider Web Heart Kandi Mask


The one thing that all of us get reminded of when we hear the word spider web is the movie and comic series of Spider Man. The most attractive feature in both the movie and the comic is the costume of spider man and the web pattern. That is enough proof to explain the impact the Spider Web pattern can have in the hearts of people around us. How about adding a few colors to the Spider Web and make it all ravishing? We all love the rainbow for it is colorful and pleasant. When the most favored pattern is offered along with the most favored colors what more will we require to pair up with our Rave outfits? Kandi Gear has always come up with unique rave gear of unique color combinations that it makes you stand alone in any crowd and catch the eyes of everyone around you. The specialty of Spider webs is their longevity of existence in the earth. It is said that spider webs have existed for at least 100 million years and are extruded by spiders to trap insects, which they prey on. The beautiful and planned construction of the Spider webs act not only as a trap to the insects but also our eyes. It makes us wonder how such a small creature with its strands as thin as micro-millimeters can construct with such accuracy and patience. There are different types of spider webs such as spiral orb web, Tangle webs or Cobwebs, Funnel webs, Tubular and Sheet webs. A spider uses several types of silk to construct the web ranging from sticky to fluffy webs that will attract and trap prey. Kandi Gear offers a similar well-constructed Kandi mask patterns made of rave beads that will suit your rave outfits and can be paired with other rave accessories such as Kandi cuff, Kandi bracelets and other rave wear.

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