Rainbow PLUR Kandi Mask

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Do you participate in mass dances? Love Electronic Music and Dance? Well acquitted of Rave events? Then you must be well familiar with PLUR. Kandi Gear has come up with Rainbow Plur Surgical Kandi mask made of rave beads to go with your rave outfits for those rave events you love to be a part of. Match your slashy flashy rave outfits with Kandi rainbow PLUR mask to steal every rave dance show. PLUR stands for Peace Love Unity and Respect. It is shortened and used as a credo in the rave, Goa trance and Electronic Dance Music cultures. It originated from the earlier discussions about rave on the UseNet in the early 1990s and has become common is most of the trance parties. It is a popular belief in the rave culture that violence is never an answer and hence the letter P for Peace. Rave practices exchange of gestures such as hugging to denote the idea of ‘Spreading the Love’ and hence the letter L for Love. Rave also believes that we are united in this human existence and hence U for Unity. The most popular regard for one another’s feelings is through respect and rave has always been on the side of respect to the self and the environment, thus the letter R for Respect. The usage of the acronym PLUR can be traced back to the United Kingdom, which adopted the House and Acid House from Canada in the 80s. Then the term did become an informal discussion in the UseNet. Match the Kandi Rainbow plur to your multi-color rave outfits and attract the crowd with your rave unique style. Kandi Gear’s rave accessories such as Kandi bracelets, Kandi Cuff, Kandi Masks add value to your rave wear and lifts your personality and appearance in any event or party.
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