Rainbow Peace Sign Kandi Mask

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Are you a proponent of World Peace? Or are you interested in campaigning for World Peace? Or you just merely love the Peace symbol? Or you want to dress up for a cause? Here is an accessory that you can match with your rave outfit when you are into any one of the above activities. The ravishing rainbow colors makes the Kandi Mask unique. This particular mask is more special than unique. It is an epitome of the Utopian dream of every individual in this planet. The symbol of peace, a war-free, hassle-free world where there is harmony and brotherhood all around is the reason behind the high regards added to this mask. Gerald Haltom who made it for a march from London to Amsterdam in support of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament first designed the internationally recognized peace symbol. The original symbol is preserved at the Peace museum in Bradford, England. The symbol contains the superimposed telegraphic letters of N and D standing for Nuclear Disarmament based on the semaphore signals used to pass messages through flags in maritime in the 19th century. This was used on civil rights marches and later in the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations. It is one non-copyrighted symbol in the world that showcases that freedom is the gift of peace, which is free for all. You can match your rave outfit with rave accessories like this, which stands beyond time and has universal value attached to it. It adds value to your appearance. Kandi Gear has come up with this special mask pattern made of rave beads so that people of all ages and groups can wear. Have a party for a cause and get uniformly dressed with Kandi Gear Rainbow Peace sign Kandi Mask. The rainbow mask pattern basing the pace symbol will go well with your rave clothes.
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