Rainbow Paintball Drip White Kandi Mask

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White is the color of colors. It is the color that has all the colors in it. That is why all bright colors go hand in hand with white. So when you have a rave Outfit of a White base and multi-color floral or abstract patterns on it become an absolute necessity to match it with rave accessories of multi-color design on a white base. Finding all the rave colors on a white base and matching it with your outfit might sound like a pain. Kandi Gear gives an excellent range of rave accessories such as rave bracelets, kandi masks, rave cuffs with wide range of unique patterns that would suit your every rave outfit. One such promising accessory is the Rainbow Paintball Drip White Surgical Kandi Mask. Carbon dioxide or Compressed Nitrogen Gas played the paintball game widely during the 1980s where players eliminated the players in the opponent teams by shooting dye-filled paintballs from a paintball marker powered. The game was played by professional players and various major tournaments and competitions were organized during those days for this game. The game in the present days is in practice in military, para-military and law enforcement boards of various countries where it is provided as a supplementary training in addition to the other trainings. Imagine, various colored dyes dripping out from a paintball when it is shot! Such is the splash of the Kandi rainbow paintball drip mask series. The mask is designed in an unique pattern similar to the dripping paintball. It is vibrant and ravishing and suits any white-based attire with multi-color patterns. Kandi Masks are known for their unique designs based on unique concepts. Carry the story of the historical Paintball game along with your Kandi Mask and attract people around you with not only your appearance but also the story behind it.
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