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  • Rainbow Paintball Drip Kandi Mask - Kandi
  • Rainbow Paintball Drip Kandi Mask - Kandi

Rainbow Paintball Drip Kandi Mask


Have multi color rave attire? Confused on what kind of mask you want to match it with? How about a ravishing mask popping with different colored rave beads? Kandi Gear introduces Rainbow Paintball Drip Surgical Kandi Mask made of vibrant colored rave beads that will add shine to your appearance in your rave outfits. Just imagine flashing a party with multi-color rave attire and throwing a dance with a ravishing Kandi mask made of Paintball drip colors! The paintball game was developed in the early 20th century in which players of the opponent team are eliminated by hitting them with dye-filled, breakable, oil and gelatin paintballs shot from a Paintball Marker. The marker contains carbon dioxide or compressed air (Nitrogen) to power it up. Professionally trained players and teams regularly play the game in various levels of tournaments and competitions. This game is used as a supplementary military training in military, para-military and law enforcement boards. It is used as a non-violent method of suppressing dangerous forces by the military in some parts of the world. The game is colorful and agile in nature. In our day-to-day life we can relate paintball playing to the color festival celebrations. Where balls and balloons filled with colors are shot on each other to celebrate the day of colors. The very thought of colors and paintballs gives a positive and enthusiastic feeling in our minds. We go to the reminiscences of our childhood games where we have played splashing colors on one another and have been full of smiles in our faces. Such positive energy is created by colors. Carry this positive and happy energy of colors to the places you go with all new Rainbow Paintball Drip V1 Surgical Kandi Mask. It is one these rave accessories that will go hand in hand with your ravishing outfits in such a way that you will look unique and flashy in any crowd. Catch the eyes of everyone around you with your brand new and unique Kandi Mask.

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