Rainbow Magic Mushroom Kandi Mask

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Kandi Gear introduces the all-new Kandi rainbow mushroom shrooms psychedelic mask made of rave beads. Add a unique rave gear to your rave outfit and steal the show! Have you ever thought about a hyper-connected brain? A sense of synesthesia? An elated feeling? All these are the effects of psychedelic mushrooms or shrooms as known in the colloquial language. These shrooms contain psychedelic compounds like psilocybin and psilocin that makes us experience a hallucinated feeling. Famously called ‘Magic Mushrooms’, they are known to cause effects like euphoria, changed thinking processes, closed and open-eye visuals, a feeling of taken to a different time and some spiritual experiences. These mushrooms are said to have been in usage ever since the prehistoric times and have been depicted in the rock art remains and pre-Columbian historical artifacts of Mesoamerica. Evidences also show that a wide range of cultures has used psychedelic mushrooms in their religious rites and ceremonies. As for the hallucinating effects these shrooms have, they are construed to be of vibrant colors. Pictorial depictions of these shrooms always contain colors such as bright blue, pink and aquatic green colors that it makes them tempting and attractive for gamers. In the year 2006, a horror movie was released in the name of ‘Shrooms’ directed by Paddy Breadthnach where a group of friends are stalked and murdered while looking for magic mushrooms in the Irish woods. Apart from the Halloween and hallucinating effects that can be connoted to these mushrooms, they are also famous for their anti-depressant qualities, which pave way for treating a wide range of psychological disorders. So, how about throwing a combination of Halloween and hallucinating effect in your rave outfit during a night party or a weekend bash? That’s the glamorous effect that Kandi rainbow mushroom shroom psychedelic Kandi mask by Kandi Gear will have on your appearance. You will always be a party popper with the range of rave accessories from Kandi Gear.
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