Polar Bear Kandi Mask

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Kandi Gear has introduced a wide range of Kandi mask patterns. The most recent and the trending mask pattern of the day is the Polar Bear Surgical Kandi mask. Do you know? Polar bears are the largest and the most carnivorous species in the Arctic Circle? This makes polar bears the king of the Arctic fauna. They feed on seals and walruses and play a significant role in the food chain of the Arctic biosphere. The remains of the seals are taken as food by the other Artic wildlife species and hence polar bears play a vital part in the ecosystem. They have a very keen sense of smell, sight and hearing. It is said that polar bears can sense seals at a distance of one kilometer itself. Also, these heightened senses help bears survive in arctic weather. They are shown to be as smart as apes and prove high rates of success in hunting Seals. They communicate through their body language, voices, and scent markings and are excellent swimmers. Another interesting fact about those bears is that they are originally black-skinned mammals and the white color is the reflection of light on their colored skin, which acts as a camouflage in the snow. They clean themselves by rolling on the snow and it is one euphoric sight to watch as they look like rolling cute snowballs. Wearing a polar bear Kandi mask is another way of saying you want these vulnerable species to be protected in our planet- an act for a cause. Kandi Gear famous for its rave outfits made by ravers for ravers. These masks are special handmade rave gears that give you a unique identity among a group of people. The white and black polar bear combination made of rave beads is one of the most favored and chosen colors of people of all ages and genders. It gives an added brightness to the face.
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