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  • Miss Pacman Kandi Mask - Kandi
  • Miss Pacman Kandi Mask - Kandi
  • Miss Pacman Kandi Mask - Kandi

Miss Pacman Kandi Mask



Pacman is one of the most famous video games during the Eighties. No one could ever forgot the ghostly enemies chasing Pacman through a maze, where pacman needs to eat all the dots, before the ghosts get over him. It was really a riveting and addicting game, that there is not a single minute of rest for the Pacman unless all the four enemies freezes for a second or two. You advance to the next stage if you happen to evade all the ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) and eat all the dots. Kandi Gear has again has come up with the beautiful Kandi mask that depicts the Pacman game to a great extent. Coming back to the game, Pacman is first launched in Japan in the year 1980 as an arcade game and became an instant hit. Pacman is considered as one of the greatest classic games of the 1980’s and 1990’s, that a lot of advanced versions are still being played now by kids and adults. With the rising popularity of Pacman, that lot of Pacman inspired merchandise went on sale in the markets and top single hit album called “Pac man Fever’ was also released. Even an animated television series based on the Pacman character got its place in the television. This rave outfit from Kandi gear gives a great pleasure for someone, who really loved playing their game in their school days. When this mask got released online, it became an instant hit among Kandi mask lovers, that everyone wanted one of these Kandi mask patterns. These masks are made from the finest beads that can provide a long lifetime and can give you an enjoyment of a lifetime to go back into your school days playing Pacman.

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