Kitty Cat Surgical Kandi Mask

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For all the Kitten lovers, this adorable Kandi mask from Kandi Gear is a must have gear. It is a surgical style Kandi mask and not as big as the Full size Kandi masks. Kandi Gear has been always known to produce some beautiful masks made up of high quality pony beads, which will stay together in one piece for a many raves and EDM festivals. This beautiful Black Kitty mask sports a bright pink nose adorned with cat whiskers on the sides and a little sheepish grin below the nose. With quality elastic bands, it can stretch to a great extent, and can fit into any face comfortably and also provide enough breathing space. This mask and festival outfit from Kandi Gear, will be an ideal choice for any cat-themed raves, festivals or even birthday parties. Whether you are looking to sport that extreme rave outfit or just want to go crazy, this Black Kitty Surgical Kandi Mask is the just the right choice. The beads are really light-weighted and is comfortable on your face to provide a nice experience with the masks. The contrasting colors in the mask of black and white with pink added to the nose, definitely creates a unique and amazing look. Kandi Gear is always known to produce masks with stellar craftsmanship and attention to even the smallest details make them one of the top most Kandi mask makers in the country. This adorable and vibrant cat themed mask is a major hit among cat-lovers, as wearing these masks helps you to show support to these beautiful furry friends. For many, these cats form a major part of their life that they will go to any extent to nurture them and support them. So what are you waiting for, Wear these masks and say MEOWW!!!
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