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  • Jack Skellington Surgical Kandi Mask - Kandi
  • Jack Skellington Surgical Kandi Mask - Kandi
  • Jack Skellington Surgical Kandi Mask - Kandi

Jack Skellington Surgical Kandi Mask


Kandi Gear has come up with another rave outfit based on a fictional character, Jack Skellington from the movie “The Nightmare before Christmas” which was released in the year 1993 by Disney movies and directed by the famous Hollywood director Tim Burton. The movie is a sort of fictional movie based on the Halloween Holiday, where Jack Skellington lives in a fantasy world and also is the Pumpkin king of the Halloween Town. Jack Skellington is always seen wearing a black colored striped suit with a unique bow in a shape of a bat. His favorite pet and friend is his dog named Zero, which has a nose that is small and glowing. He also falls for rag doll called Sally, which was created by Dr.Finklestein. For this movie, the voice for Jack was provided by Chris Sarandon. The Jack Skellington character became so popular that many manufacturers began to embed this character on bags, clothing, umbrella, belt buckles and pet collars. In the movie Jack is in charge of the Halloween celebrations in Halloween Town that at one point he gets weary of enjoying the same kind of celebrations every day, that he wanted to try something new. And when finds Christmas Town, he wants to celebrate Christmas in Halloween Town and also thinks of impersonating Santa Claus in the celebrations. This Kandi mask from Kandi gear impersonates the character of Jack Skellington in a brilliant way with colors exactly the same as used by Jack, Black and White. The eyes and the wide mouthed face are depicted clearly in the design, that wearing this rave mask will look like Jack Skellington in a big way. Why not get your hands on one of these masks and relive the character of Jack Skellington?

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