Glow In The Dark Rainbow Rage Surgical Kandi Mask

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Have a multi color rave outfit? Confused on what kind of mask you want to match it with? How about a ravishing mask popping with different colored rave beads? Kandi Gear introduces Glow Rainbow Rage Surgical Kandi Mask made of vibrant colored rave beads that will add shine to your appearance in your rave outfits. Just imagine flashing a party with multi-color rave attire and throwing a dance with a ravishing Kandi mask made of Rainbow colors! Rainbows are generally witnessed in the daytime and they have always been an apple eye. Have you ever witnessed rainbow in the dark? Kandi Gear adds an arc of concentric multi-colors to your attire in the night. Attract the crowd in a party with a glow of Rainbow in the dark. Rainbows are formed due to the reflection and refraction of light in water droplets in the sky, which results in the formation of a spectrum of light. A rainbow is not formed at a specified distance from us, instead it is always be visible to a person at the angle I which the freshwater droplets reflect the light and it is 45 degrees opposite to the sun. The rainbow in which the color red can be seen on the outer edge through to violet on the inner edge is seen is called the Primary rainbow which is most often witnessed by us. A "double rainbow" is where a second, much fainter arc can be seen outside of the primary arc. It occurs when the light is refracted twice. The Kandi gear Glow rainbow rage surgical Kandi Mask is one rave accessory that will go hand in hand with your ravishing outfits in such a way that you will look unique and flashy in any crowd. Catch the eyes of everyone around you with your brand new and unique Kandi Mask.
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