Glow in the Dark Horizontal Rainbow Kandi Cuff

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The Rainbow can represent so many things. Here at KandiGear we like to think of it as a really cool look. Our Glow in the Dark Rainbow Kandi Cuff is awesome as it accessorizes your arm but it is really awesome as it glows in the dark. It has an awesome design and can be the most exotic look in your Kandi collection. Doesn't constrict and can fit all. From young to old this is a cool look to show of your Kandi lovin spirit. So buy this cuff! Did you know that Rainbows symbolized Good Luck? Fortune? Peace? Just so happens to be that Peace is the first part of PLUR so this seems to fit you perfectly. We know just how you are. You embody the PLUR presence wherever you go and just like you this Glow in the Dark Rainbow Kandi Cuff is super awesome. It has a tight fit, a leaping pattern and an awesome design. There's no reason why you shouldn't add this cuff toward your collection. How about you buy now?
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