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  • Girr Kandi Mask - Kandi
  • Girr Kandi Mask - Kandi

Girr Kandi Mask



Kandi gear introduces the all-unique design of Gir Bug Surgical Mask. Its innovative and colorful bug design makes it all the more attractive and tempting. The Gir bug mask pattern is best suitable for all kinds of rave outfits. Kandi gear has been pioneering in coming up with variety of rave accessories for all sorts of rave wear. This mask design has been a revolutionary creation in the order of Kandi Gear mask series. Bugs are one of the oldest living insects in our planet. They find references in ancient Egyptian Myths and have been addressed as one of the most intelligent species amongst insects. They are known to live and behave as colonies and are famously known for their toxic effects. Bug bites are considered to be allergic to skin. However, they are not dangerous insects like that of the venomous spiders. They secrete toxins as a biological reaction to fear and self-protection, which contains substances that are toxic to human skin. Most bugs feed on plants and some are parasitic in nature. Bugs have had references in Homer’s Iliad and also in some of Aristotle’s works. They also maintain symbiotic relationship with the plants. Among the bugs in ancient myths, cicadas in particular have been used as money, in folk medicine, to forecast the weather, to provide song (in China), and in many other folklore and myths around the world. How about flashing a party with a spotty Gir bug masked appearance? Kandi gear rave accessories have always had innovative patterns. They are known for their uniqueness. The best way to couple your rave attire with innovative masks is going for Gir Bug Surgical Mask. The unique green and white combination of the mask made of hand made rave beads makes it all the more attractive and high on demand.

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