Finn The Human Surgical Kandi Mask

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Finn the Human is one of the main protagonist characters of the popular American animated television series, “Adventure Time”. Popularly known as Finn, he’s always seen with Jake the Dog in the series directed Pendleton Ward. The voice was Finn was provided by Jeremy Shada for most part of the animation series. In the original pilot series, where Finn made his debut, where he was called as Penn, he was voiced by the older brother of Jeremy Shada, Zack Shada. According to the series, Finn the Human possesses a strong moral code, that he wouldn’t hurt any innocent being, not even an ant, but would not hesitate to cause a lot of damage or even kill all evil things he finds in the Land of Ooo. Kandi Gear which is known to have tapped into the market of making Kandi masks based on popular animation characters, has again come up with this beautiful beaded mask on Finn the Human. It is a surgical mask, meaning it is not a full mask, and only covers a portion of the face. The rave mask is designed exactly in the same blue and white colors of Finn the Human, as you can see him wearing a blue T-shirt, shorts along with a circular backpack. One of the most important characteristics of his clothing is this unique hat, which is white in color that covers his entire head except his face. This beaded rave mask is made from the finest beads that can provide a longer lifetime than other masks in the market. All fans of Finn the human will be hoping to get their hands on this beautiful rave mask. You can either wear these masks to show your love and affection to the popular animation character or wear it just for fun.
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