Dragon Ball Z Full Kandi Mask by Kandi Gear

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Dragon Ball Z also known as DBZ is another Good Vs Evil Japanese animation television series, where Goku along with his friends to save the earth from mystic forces from the outer space. This is a sequel to the original Dragon Ball manga series, a popular series that was published in the Weekly “Shonen Jump” from 1988 to 1995. The Dragon Ball Z series became so popular in Japan, that it got translated all across the world, including United States, Europe, India and the Latin America. This prompted Kandi Gear to pay tribute to the legendary character with rave costumes. The Series became popular because of the many assortment of characters, including inter-galactic forces, space fighters, androids and powerful and wily magical creatures. In the original Dragon Ball Anime series, Goku played as a boy fighting the alien forces. In the Dragon Ball Z series, he plays as an adult fighting new rivals Piccolo and Vegeta. Having gained a huge popularity, almost 14 movies was made on the concept of Dragon ball and also hundreds of video games. It still remains as a cultural icon among the Japanese. Dragon Ball Z animation series was listed in the all-time “Top Animated Series” and also the “Top 100 Great Cartoon’s List”. The Character was originally created by Akira Toriyama for the weekly publication of the Dragon Ball manga series, not knowing it would become one of the most popular cartoon characters in Japan and also among most of the kids among the world. Kandi Gear is also known for creating some popular Kandi cuff patterns and rave accessories that became an instant hit within the rave community. Not only people from the community, but the kids who wanted to show a unique identity and look among friends, opted for these masks in a big way.
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