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  • Colorado Love Kandi Mask Surgical by Kandi Gear - Kandi
  • Colorado Love Kandi Mask Surgical by Kandi Gear - Kandi

Colorado Love Kandi Mask Surgical by Kandi Gear



Introducing the all-new and innovative Kandi mask of the day! Kandi Gear has come up with a unique design of Colorado Love in its Kandi mask collection. Kandi Gear adds an arc of concentric colors to your attire in the night. Designed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson, the flag was first adopted on June 5, 1911. The colors in the flag signify the environmental features of the state. White stands for the Snow Mountains that add crowning beauty to the country; Gold represents the Colorado sunshine, Red for the red soil of the land and Blue for the endless bluish sky. The present flag of Colorado consists of three stripes of equal size; the outer stripes are the same blue color as the national flag and are separated by a white stripe in the center. It has a large semi-circle shaped letter ‘C’ on the flag, which is of the same shade as the red of the United States flag. The opening of the letter C has a Golden Disc. Another interesting fact about the flag is that it is dictated that the diameter of the gold disc has to be equal to the center stripe. Thus, the Colorado flag depicts its unison with the other American countries, especially the United States and also brings out an overall picture of the prosperity spread across in the country. The flag is the symbol of pride on the gifts of nature to the people of the country. Carry this dynamic and powerful nature along with you by pairing your rave outfits with rave accessories from Kandi Gear. Kandi Gear’s Colorado Love Kandi mask made of rave beads will give you a power-packed look on a party night. Glow in the dark and be a spark with Kandi Gear's unique Kandi patterns

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