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Captain America is a superhero character that was created by cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, which became popular among the wartime during World War II, when it was initially published in 1941 by Timely Comics. After the war the popularity of the character waned, only to be revived by Marvel Comics during the year 1964, and since then, Captain America is still a popular superhero character among kids. It is also the first comic character from Marvel Comics to find its way outside the magazine, to be released as a movie serial in 1944 named as “Captain America”. Kandi Gear, a popular Kandi mask makers, has come out with a mask to honor a super hero, who is ranked sixth in the “Top 100 Comic Book heroes of all time” and second in the “Top 25 best marvel superheroes”. The popular look of the character with an outfit resembling the American flag and armed with an indestructible shield has been etched in the memories of kids for a long time. These rave masks from Kandi gear have found a grand welcome from kids, who love to sport the masks of their favorite character and think they almost impersonate the character, or wear it just to show their love to one of the most popular super heroes of the comic world. These masks are very popular among adults and kids, that they wear these kandi masks and other rave accessories during get-together and parties. All products from Kandi gear are designed in such a way that it provides a unique and exquisite look to the person using or wearing those masks that it has become a popular rave wear among the kids. Kandi Gear has generated a lot of buzz in the industry by creating masks based on popular movie characters and other famous personalities, many other mask makers have also started following this tradition. These rave outfits from Kandi Gear are created based on every single character that are popular among people, thus reflect the true spirit of the individuals, through a unique mask that exuberates the underlining charm and mystery behind the famous character. These masks are loved by kids all over the world, as it adds a certain degree of mystique and also attracts a lot of your family and friends, when you wear these masks. Kids also use these masks to hide themselves in family get-togethers and parties to break the ice with their friends after a quarrel.
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