Blue V for Vendetta EL Wire LED Mask

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Check out this brand new one of a kind light up mask from Kandi Gear. V for Vendetta, anonymous, or guy fawkes how ever you want to label it, this mask is against all authority. Don't let the man keep you down, shine bright all night and rage and rave on kandi kids! Made with the finest EL wire in the business ensured to make this V for Vendetta LED Mask glow rave after rave. Comes with a 2 AA battery pack that is small enough to fit into your rave outfit pocket or clip onto your clothing. A thick strap in the back makes for a comfortable fit for all head sizes as well as extremely strong so you don't have to be delicate on the dance floor. We use the best most long lasting EL wire because you deserve it, this will last for years and years to come!
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