Canadian Flag Kandi Mask

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Kandi Gear introduces the all-new Kandi Canadian Flag Kandi Surgical mask made of neon acrylic rave beads. Add unique rave gear to your rave outfit and steal the show! Think about swaying the crowd with a new red and maple leaf flag combination! The flag of Canada has one of the most attractive color combinations. The flag flies at the top of peace Tower on the Parliament hall in Canada. The flag is 52 years old. On Feb 15, 1965 the red and maple leaf flag was raised for the first time and this day is celebrated every year as the flag day in Canada. It symbolizes National Unity ‘for it, beyond any doubt, represents all the citizens of Canada without distinction, language, belief or opinion’. It is officially called the National Flag of Canada and the flag in Peace tower Canada flies on all days throughout the year 24 hours round the clock. The flags in the Eastern and the Western block are changed once in a week. The flag is a symbol of Nationalism and the drawn flag is distributed to the people who ask for it every week at the prime minister’s office. Did you know? There is a 10-year waiting list to receive the flag that is flown at the Peace Tower! Such is the value that the people of Canada add to their National Flag. Records say that the government of Canada has purchased over 50000 flags to be distributed to the public and members of Parliament on days like National Flag Day and Canada Day. So, how about throwing a patriotic effect in your rave outfit during a night party or a weekend bash? That’s the glamorous effect that Kandi Canadian Flag Kandi Leaf Surgical mask by Kandi Gear will have on your appearance. You will always be a party popper with the range of rave accessories from Kandi Gear.
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