Brown Bear Surgical Kandi Mask

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Kandi Gear has introduced a wide range of Kandi mask patterns. The most recent and the trending mask pattern of the day is the Brown Bear Surgical Kandi mask. Do you know? Brown bears are one of the longest living species in the world? It is said that there are fossils of these type of animals in china since 0.5 million years ago. Brown bears are known for their nocturnal nature and this makes a Kandi Gear mask all the more attractive for night parties. However these bears are also said to be found in early morning and early evening hours. They love to stay in a protected spot during the hibernation period though they are not known to fully hibernate. They are known for their dominant and aggressive. They growl and roar to communicate with other bears or express pain and aggression. They have a very keen sense of sight and hearing at night. Another interesting fact about these bears is that they are of a number of varieties and a spread across Eurasia and North America. Brown bears are known to infringe into human habitats as they are said to be attracted by human made food products and often kill farm animals in North America. Wearing a brown bear Kandi mask is another way of saying you want these species to be protected in our planet! Kandi Gear famous for its rave outfits made by ravers for ravers. These masks are special handmade rave gear that give you a unique identity among a group of people. The brown polar bear combination made of rave beads is one of the most favored and chosen colors of people of all ages and genders. It gives an added brightness to the face coupling with your rave wear.
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