420 Rasta Marijuana Weed Kandi Mask Surgical

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People linked with rave community are generally linked to smoking weeds and cannabis. Not always the case, as you can see bankers, IT pro’s and people from all categories are involved in the rave community as well. But since generally it has been widely regarded as people using these substances, Kandi Gear has come with this special rave wear that resembles the green weed. 420 is basically a term used to people who are in the practice of consuming cannabis or associated with the cannabis culture. It was said, that smoking cannabis during the time of 4:20 pm or during April 20 (4/20), was also a reason for calling as 420. The original history goes back to 1971, where some group of people in San Rafael, California, assembled near a place to find or discuss about a cannabis crop. They made it a plan to meet every day at 4:20 pm to discuss about the crop near a Louis Pasteur statue outside a school premises. They eventually called the place as “4:20 Louis” and also gave a code word to the crop as 420, which is now popular among teens to term the habit of smoking marijuana as 420. Also, April 20 also has been widely celebrated in North America by people supporting the cannabis culture. Each of the rave costumes and masks are specially hand made by Kandi Gear to provide that unique look and identity to the person wearing it. Not only masks but Kandi cuff is also a famous accessory from Kandi Gear, which is popular amongst the rave community. These masks are made by ravers for the ravers as the main motto of Kandi gear is to spread love one bead at a time with these beautiful masks, cuffs and other accessories.
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