Adventure Club Kandi Mask Surgical

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Kandi Gear has come up with another treat for music lovers with a beautiful rave mask that pays tribute to the popular Canadian music band “Adventure Club”. This music band is formed by two high school students, Christian Srigley and Leighton James in Montreal, Quebec. Originally, they concentrated on hard-core pop-punk, but later moved on to the EDM (Electronic dance music) type of music. This Kandi mask from Kandi Gear is designed in such a way that it depicts the logo of the Adventure Club in a brilliant blue and red color. The first song from the duo was a remix from the album Daisy, which went viral on the MP2 music blog, The Hype machine. The duo climbed to popularity with the help of social media, where their first music video UKF Dubstep was a major hit on YouTube with millions of viewers watching the video. In 2012, their remix video for the song “Everything to Me” by LIPS recorded a massive 2 million views. The Adventure Club duo has toured across all of North America, Europe and Australia and also has performed at a lot of music festivals too, including the Ultra Music Festival in Seoul, South Korea and in the Electronic Daisy Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Music lovers who love these music duo, can show their support by wearing these masks. Also, many people buy these masks to wear it during a lot of EDM events along with the festival outfit from Kandi Gear. These masks are special handmade rave gear that gives you a unique identity among a group of people and you’ll be instantly noticed, while wearing these masks. One more reason, people love wearing these masks, as it helps to connect with like-minded music lovers instantly.
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