Kandi Gear's Kandi Bracelets are adorable, funky, and just straight up.... well...awesome! We have a large range of perler bracelets hot off the bead boards that are ready to be loved and shared with the community.  If you are an extreme Kandi Kid then you will find these designs rather difficult to choose between. Our ravers are adding a number of different designs to their repertoire of Kandi because lets face it, we Kandi Kids don't have one ultimate Kandi outfit, where's the fun in that? Our bracelets are handmade and affordable because we understand that we are born to share, spread the world with a whole lot of Peace and a ton of Love which helps us to Unite and Respect each other. Our Kandi Bracelets are designed to help those who do not have time to make their own Kandi but want to be very much part of the community and the powerful movement of PLUR.

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