Glow In The Dark Rainbow Nuclear Trinity Kandi Mask

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Rainbows are generally witnessed in the daytime. Have you ever witnessed rainbow in the dark? Kandi Gear adds an arc of concentric radioactive colors to your attire in the night. Attract the crowd in a party with a glow of Rainbow in the dark. Radioactivity is a break-through concept in the field of nuclear physics that paved way to numerous revolutionary technological advancements in various fields of science such as medicine, mechanics, engineering, energy sciences, Astro-physics and so on. Radioactivity refers to the emission of particles from an unstable nucleus resulting in emission of nuclear and light energy. The concept of radioactivity though in practice since the time when Marie Curie first invented it, it gained significance after the World War II, when two great cities of Japan- Hiroshima and Nagasaki were turned down to ashes by the first Atom bomb. The incident witnessed release of enormous amount of nuclear energy combined with the emission of light. Historical facts say that it was as if there were two Suns for the Earth on the days of explosion. Such is the enormity and power of nuclear radioactive energy. Many countries became super-powers only after exploring and expanding this powerful technology. Though it was a historical bane, nuclear radioactivity has proved to be a boon for many lives with the recent advancements in the field of oncology. Today, nuclear radioactivity is used for the sole purpose of curing various malignant tumors and Cancers. They have been put to use in the fields of medical Nano-technology and has been found to have break-through results in treating various palliative diseases. Carry this dynamic and powerful nature of radioactivity along with you by pairing your rave outfits with rave accessories from Kandi Gear. Kandi Gear’s rainbow Nuclear Radioactive Kandi mask made of rave beads will give you a power-packed look on a party night. Glow in the dark and be a spark with unique Kandi patterns
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