Pikachu Pokemon Kandi Mask Full Size

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Pikachu is a fictional character that appears in almost all of the Pokemon series including video games, television shows, movies and comic books and has been licensed by the Japanese corporation, Pokemon Company. The design of Pikachu was originally designed by Atsuko Nishida and first appeared in the Pokemon Red and Green. Later it appeared in Pokemon video games. The beautiful Kandi mask captures the beauty of this fictional creature, Pikachu to a great extent. In the game of Pokemon, many species are captured by humans to be groomed and trained to fight Pokemon for a sporting culture. Likewise, Pikachu is also captured and trained, but it soon became one of the most important characters of Pokemon, that it found a central place in most of the Pokemon anime series. Pikachu went on to become so much popular that it featured as a mascot for Pokemon. It is also regarded as an icon of Japanese Pop Culture. Pikachu is a combination of two Japanese words, where “Pika” means a sound made by an electric spark and “Chu” a mouse sound. The name Pikachu found a great liking among kids in both Japan and the United States. They were created to look like a mouse with a yellow fur and brown colored markings over their body. These rave outfits really makes for a great mask to have and kids who really love the Pokemon series and all the fights between the creatures and Pokemon characters, will love to lay their hands on this. These masks are made from high quality beads and are designed to fit all kinds of faces, as the elastic straps can stretch a bit to fit comfortably on your face. Pikachu is loved by kids all over the world and taking this love and affection over Pikachu, Kandi Gear has come with this beautiful Kandi mask

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