Charmander Pokemon Kandi Mask Surgical

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Charmander is a Pokemon Species in one of the most popular comic series and video game Pokemon Franchise created by Nintendo and Game Freak. Charmander, also known as Hitokage, initially appeared in the Pokemon Red and Blue and subsequently appeared in all the series afterwards. It became so popular among Pokemon fans that it started appearing a lot of Pokemon merchandise, animations and other printed media released by the franchise. Kandi Gear, one of the popular Kandi mask makers has come out with another mask based on the popular Pokemon characters, and this time Charmander. The Charmander character outfit appears like the tail is on fire and by this it reflects the characteristics of Charmander. In the Pokemon anime series, Charmander is acquired by Ash in the start at the series itself and also used as the primary Pokemon. In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Blue receives a Charmander from his grandfather Professor Oak. Since it appeared in the Pokémon series, Charmander has received generally positive reception. The rave outfits from Kandi Gear are created with popular characters in mind to amuse and entertain kids who are attracted to these characters and will do anything to mimic their favorite characters and also to show to the world, their love towards these characters. These Kandi mask patterns and gear are created by ravers for ravers and will be perfect costume when you are attending a rave party or a music festival. These rave outfits also helps in getting introduced to new friends who share the same taste and liking as yours, when you both meet wearing the same kind of mask associated with the same character that is favorite to both of you. Kandi Gear has masks designed separately for kids, teens, adults and for couples too.
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