Your Ultimate Guide to Raving: Part 1

Your Ultimate Guide to Raving: Part 1
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     So, you just bought the ticket to your very first rave... What now? Just over one year ago I was in your shoes too. I had been listening to and watching all things EDM for years, and finally found myself with the glowing opportunity at 19 years old to attend my first rave. Of course I had watched the live streams of music festivals, found myself getting lost in the psychedelic visuals, and moved to every melody and drop I listened to; but I quickly learned that this alone was not enough to prepare for being there, and experiencing it, in person. I learned a lot that night, and have continued to pick up knowledge over the dozen or so raves I’ve been to since and from the amazing people I’ve met there... So with that being said, here are some simple things you should be doing in order to take the very best care of yourself for this amazing event:

Before the Rave

  • Find a friend (or a few) to go with you.
  •           Could you go alone? Of course! But I promise the experience will all around be a better one with friends in the mix. You’ll feel safer and happier knowing your favorite people are right there with you, dancing the night away - especially in such a new environment. I have the most fun with just one or two people - it is so easy to stick together that way!

  • Get your tickets ASAP.
  •           This one is pretty obvious, but get your tickets sooner rather than later (especially for bigger names) so you don’t get upset when they sell out later. I’ve had some very close calls in the past, so I prefer to buy way advance rather than be a few days too late.

  • Watch some live sets.
  •           There are plenty of artists whose live sets are worlds different than the music that goes up on Spotify - you may be surprised at how heavy and intense sets will get. This also goes for the openers, as they will set the tone for the night and hype up the crowd the most. There has been more than one occasion where I thought I would be dancing the night away and found myself headbanging instead.

  • Figure out how you will get to and from the venue.
  •           Will you take the bus, a taxi, Uber, walk, or drive yourself? There are plenty of different ways to get from point A to point B. Driving yourself is more than likely the easiest and safest option (but a designated driver is a MUST). If you do choose to drive, find a parking lot ahead of time. Weekends in big cities often fill up parking lots/ramps instantly, and prices will skyrocket. I prefer to drive, and do most weekends. Uber is another great option, as I find them cheaper and more trustworthy than taxis.

  • Have a good meal and drink a lot of water.
  •           Whether you dine out or eat in, make sure the meal is decently healthy and really fills you up. You will be dancing for about six hours afterward, and getting caught with a growling stomach isn’t fun. As for water, you need to stay hydrated. Water is going to be expensive ($4 per bottle where I usually go), and you’re going to sweat a lot. Pro Tip: Buy one water bottle and bring it to the bathroom to fill it back up - if I had known this earlier, I’d have enough money to buy another ticket or two!

    After the Rave

  • Gather your friends.
  •           No matter how hard you try, friends will get lost here and there. Determine where you’ll meet up beforehand, and follow through at the end of the night. By 2 AM, the security will be ushering people out the door and the crowd will thin out, making it near impossible to miss a friend wandering by.

  • Eat and drink some more.
  •           You are going to tired, sore, hungry, and maybe a little drunk (but it's worth it I promise); and if you are in a big city there will be at least a few 24 hour restaurants or fast food joints to choose from. At the very least, go grab some fries before heading home or to your hotel, your stomach will thank you for it and you’ll feel so much better in the morning.

  • Take a shower.
  •           This is another big one. As much as you want to just fall face first into your bed, glitter and all, you’ll sleep much better knowing you aren’t covered in sweat and spilled drinks and who-knows-what-else. As an added bonus, you won’t have to do it in the morning, giving you a really solid excuse to stay in bed just a little longer.

  • Stretch out.
  •           After being on your feet, dancing, headbanging, or whatever else you do for the better part of 6 hours, you will be a little sore in the morning. If you stretch out the night before, getting out of bed the next morning will be much easier.

  • Set water next to your bed.
  •           If this isn’t already a habit you have, it’s worth doing on rave night. Regardless of how well you prepared beforehand, you’ll be dehydrated. Whether you pop awake in the middle of the night or sleep straight through, when you roll over with cotton-mouth, you’ll be grateful it’s there.

              So, now you’ve conquered your first rave and are feeling great! I hope you love this community as much as the people here at Kandi Gear do! Let me know what worked for you and what didn’t, or other things you feel are important for first time ravers to know.

              Keep an eye out for part two of this guide, and I’ll help you understand what to wear, bring, and expect for your first rave!

              - Ashley


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