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Why Was Disneylands EDM Festiaval 'Electroland' Such A Buzzkill?

Posted on 16 July 2017

Electroland arrived on the 8th July, causing waves of indifference and confusion as to the meaning of “Electroland”.

The multi-billionaire kingpins of happiness and artistic variety have thrown the trendiest of trendy EDM nights, showing off their ability to connect with anyone by announcing the chart topping DJs they assume “the kids are listening to these days”. I fear they may have gotten a little excited.

While searching the net for evidence and clues of how the night went down, it quickly became apparent that Electroland failed to create an after buzz and this raises many questions.

Here are 5 Reasons why Electroland was a Buzzkill


1 - Electroland Confuses Childhood Fantasies

The Disney parks already supply everything you’d ever need. They’re big, loud, overachieving levels of fun, they’re like an I.V drip of MDMA that you can enjoy with your whole family.

When I’m being told by Buzz Lightyear to hunt down Zurg’s forces, I don’t need frat boys grinding on me and reminding me that the modern world exists and that I should be wearing aviators and being needlessly attractive.

I want to be lost in a world that reminds me of a better time. A nicer time. I have often dreamed of a far off place, where a hero’s welcome would be waiting for me.

I couldn’t imagine how my Jack Sparrow cosplaying and Lilo & Stitch nostalgia fest would be improved or made any more enjoyable by some Electro House and the screaming war cries of 10,000 drunk people. I don’t need 20 gin and tonics and a few illegitimate pregnancies to get me to sing “Zero to Hero”, people have to tranquilize me to stop as it is.


2 - The Lineup Was Uninspiring

Electroland's 2017 headliners consisted of Steve Aoki, NERVO, Michael Calfan and Richard Orlinski, all almost as insatiably likeable in the electro dance music world as Frozen was. Both were designed to take your money and your soul.

It’s hardly a stimulating list of headliners, there’s more fun to be had drinking a frozen Mikey Mouse Slurpee whilst riding Space Mountain, than enduring the sounds of the DJs of Electroland.

With Aoki releasing “Kolony” in the same year and Nervo making some serious European headway winning some “Best Party DJ Award” back in March, it’s safe to say that the most universally praised motion picture company have found the most safe, popular, and perhaps a little cookie-cutter DJ’s and producers around.


Something can be said about the complete lack of variety. For a company dedicated to showing people new cultures and worlds, teaching messages to people from all backgrounds about universal themes of love and peace, the DJs they’ve banked on are beyond sterile.

Bestival has options, Tomorrowland has options, but Electroland is selling itself as a mind-boggling, life-changing festival experience based purely on the merits of the park it’s taking place in.


3 - It Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Since when did Disneyland need a gimmick? Have you ever known anyone to need a reason beyond “It’s Disney” to be convinced to go to Disneyland? How empty of a person would that have to make you?

I don’t think there’s ever been a person alive who’s been “stuck” at a park like Disneyland, wallowing in self pity as they’re forced on all the incredible rides with their favorite characters and songs, wishing there was something catered to them that they didn’t have to pretend to hate.

It’s an insane concept, taking something that’s already likeable and trying to make it more so, but since when did Disney need to drop this kind of money to ploy people into filling their parks? It screams overly corporate, thinking “what can we do to improve the happiest place on Earth…”


4 - Electroland was Designed to Exploit EDM

Disneyland have tried to reel in a new demographic of people for one night through exploiting their passion for EDM.

I can’t see how this is a good business decision. There’s no shame in loving Disney. It’s pure majesty. I think everyone’s childhood can be connected through Disney but for one night of drunkenness in a small closed off restricted area of Disneyland, how can anyone actually enjoy everything Disney has to offer.

It’s like winning a bucket full of candy and then being told you cannot eat it, you can only hold it.

I feel like Electroland sets the customer up for sheer and utter disappointment. The line up is abysmal and 90% of the park is closed! Not to mention the price for a 12 hour day at Disney is half the price of the 5 hour event at Electroland. It seems as though Disneyland used big money making EDM names and to announce the words "Electronic Festival" to lure people in to "their" fairy tale night of making a quick buck.


5 - It Lacked Imagination and Passion for EDM

It could have been incredible. To be able to fly to the most romantic city in the world, spending a day waltzing through your childhood with your entire group of friends, experiencing different types of music much like you’d experience different types of rides and atmospheres already at the park.

Disney have created and own a stupid amount of properties; ranging from animated films and TV shows to video games that I still play still well into my twenties. The only thing that connects them all together is the unreasonable amount of effort and quality put into each one. Aside from that, they virtually all belong in their own universe.

A fan of Finding Nemo isn’t guaranteed to be a fan of Mulan, because they vary so much in so many different ways. They delve into a new culture, teach people all around the world universal messages of things like hope and perseverance and other things that a cute and soppy. All of them except Electroland.

Check out the creativity of EDM's largest festival in the world, Tomorrowland, people spend their life savings on attending the mega event  because of the amount of imagination and creativity that goes into each set and every stage. Its extravagant and totally over the top and its exactly what I imagined Electroland would try and match.



Where is the imagination, though? You know, the one thing that built the foundation for the entire company.

Why couldn’t Disney spend that extra effort and money collaborating with talented and creative musicians to create a new world of Electronic Dance Music.

Can you imagine the stages, the levels, the worlds, different realms, games, and ferry tale areas with DeadMou5 streaming through high tech speakers oozing out of the most peculiar areas of Minni Mouse statues?

This could be a fun twisted night, I guess, if EDM and Disney mashed together is your thing.  Either way, this would be more interesting than what actually went down.



In comparison to other EDM festivals, the highlight of Electroland which was the light show kind of sucked.  The light show and the presence of Steve Aoki were the only positive reports we could find....eeek!

More importantly where were the different musical styles? The different genres? How about chip in something atmospheric during the day, maybe some 90’s throwbacks, maybe a totally ironic Disney-themed gig all by itself? For Christ’s sake, Disney, why would you half ass this event, it could have been been EPIC?


Who will attend Electroland in 2018?

10,000 people attended, with main show tickets costing around $60, but that’s nearly twice the amount of regular park tickets for an entire day.

I defy you to spend more than five minutes on the internet during the post-Glastonbury phase and not get showered with news on how incredible the artists were, what hectic antics people got up to and how controversial Kanye acted, despite not even being there. There’s very little hype surrounding Electroland, and it’s truly bizarre, considering the concept.

Perhaps it was the focus on the light show, the uninspired lineup, or the fact that the venue didn’t need anything more to sell itself, but Electroland has been and gone and left no excitement in its wake.

So why would Disney bother announcing the return of Electroland in 2018? Are they that desperate for cash? Or was it just a little test run for a mind blowing event to come.

We would love to hear from anyone who actually attended the festival. Every comment here is answered so we would love to hear from the EDM community for more insight on what actually went down.









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