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Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. Those are the values by which we live by and aspire to spread to the world. This is where you can stay up to date with Kandi Gear news & weekly blog posts.

All About PLUR

All About PLUR

Authored By Ashley Ball 0 Comment(s)

Throughout your years spent raving you’ll meet all sorts of different people, but one common thread that ties us ravers together is living out “PLUR” both during the raves and in day-to-day life. It’s our way of life, and how we treat the people in our lives. So... what exactly is it? In short, PLUR stands for “peace, love, unity, and respect”. Be a peaceful person. Your energies are constantly being released into the universe, so why leave a negative trail? Coming into all situations with a peaceful mindset will work wonders in every part of life, from creating new...

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