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Heyo my kandi people and rave fam! Hope everyone had a great holiday however you celebrate. 
Today, I wanted to talk about venues and what types of crowd you might run into. There are tons of venues all over the place that shows can pop up in. Locations can affect an experience in big and small ways. I'll also list a venue or two that are local to me for an example, which is in Oklahoma City. 
You've got big arenas and stadiums like the Chesapeake Arena, Cox Center, and the BOK Center. These shows tend to be all ages, probably have a bar, usually have big name artists headlining, and, mostly, you crowd together on the arena floor and vibe to the music. You always wanna be aware of the people in the crowd, especially the all ages shows. The next generation of ravers can be fairly young and you don't want to accidentally hurt a kid when headbanging or jumping around. 
Next you've got your clubs, bars, and general event venues like The Farmers Market, Criterion, and Tower Theatre. These can have big names, local talent, up and coming artists. Age usually varies depending on if it is bar or not. I've mostly run into 18+, 21 to drink in these scenarios. These are the crowds that can get a little more rowdy when that beat drops. You still want to be cognizant of the people around you but you can be a little more free with your headbanging since there are not likely to be kids around. 
You then get to the really low key venues. This could be a true underground rave in a warehouse to a bar being taken over by local DJs, we have a new local DJ night in OKC that takes over an underage bar call The Wreck Room. You might get some huge names but you'll most likely get to find some local people and artists that you find to be fantastic. These venues might have drinks they may not. I've been to a venue in Dallas where there was no water, alcohol, etc. So, check beforehand if you go to these smaller places. See if they let you being in camel baks or water bottles. 
Whatever venue you choose to go to remember if you go alone, or with people, be safe, know where you're going, keep your phone charged, and have fun! I hope you all have a great day and look forward to sharing more with you!
PLUR my friends,


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