Rave Masks... The Popular Bane From Batman

Rave Masks... The Popular Bane From Batman
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Rave masks are popular these days and with so much variety it is no wonder that there is a style for everyone. BUT when it comes to the Batman franchise, the super villains have inspired generations after generations to express their passion for their beloved characters through costumes, art and now rave masks. It is not surprising that almost 6,000 people per month are searching for images and information on the infamous Bane From Batman.   The villains are famous not only because they use some sophisticated tools to counter their nemesis but also because their overall personality somehow leaves a mark on fans.

Rave Masks...The Bane Effect

Here, one super villain that has made us hate him and admire him at the same time is Bane. People adore Bane because he is very intelligent and never compromises on his principles. This is why at every comic con event or rave party you will surely find a couple of individuals wearing rave masks...of the Bane variety. So, if you are interested in giving yourself the Bane look, you will find that the market is full of offerings that will allow you to don that appearance. Though many of the rave masks you will find are either uncomfortable to wear or may not be of as good of a quality as you expect them to be.

Here is a very good solution for you: Try out one of our best selling rave masks,  Bane from Batman Kandi Mask. This mask is known for its durability, and you be able to easily wear it regardless of your facial structure.

Bane is one villain that is almost as good as a superhero. He might not be a part of the franchise anymore, but the fame has not declined over the years. Our Bane from Batman Kandi Masks still sell like hot cakes and have a huge fan following among teens and adults.

These masks are designed keeping looks and comfort in mind. When you wear our kandi masks, you will not only look good, but will also rarely feel their presence on your face. This is one of the best features of our masks, especially our Bane from Batman Kandi Mask that even though looks solid but is very light. We’ve developed keeping the original mask in mind and it is equally good if not better.

Rave Masks Make For An Awesome Gift

You can also buy Bane from Batman Kandi Mask as a gift item as it’s popular among all demographics and can be quite a gift when looking among rave masks, suitable for all occasions including birthdays, anniversaries etc. Even at parties, you will see a lot of people trying a Batman, but what actually will leave an impact is being different, and our Bane from Batman Kandi Mask can help you achieve this. You will be the center of attraction when you attend any party - be it a costume party or a Halloween event.

Available in a dozen colors including blue, black and gold, this mask can be bought online from our store for as low as $19.95. Plus, you can also get glow in dark Bane kandi mask from Kandi Gear as well. So without much ado, order today and see the difference it can make.



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