Music Release Recap

Music Release Recap
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I did my fair share of digging around to see what YOU thought were the best, worst, and most popular music releases of 2019 so far. We’re only about a month and a half in, and too many notable albums, singles, and remixes have been released to count... Below, you’ll find these tracks, what others have had to say, and my personal opinion on 2019’s music so far.

A little bit of controversy:

Svdden Death and Marshmello - Sell Out

Let’s talk about one the most unexpected collabs within the EDM community - Svdden Death and Marshmello? Personally, I thought it was great - you could hear both sounds in the track, and you could tell they really put the work in. A lot of people agree with me; but many people hated it, stating the Svdden Death was simply being a sell out, by working with Marshmello, who gets a lot of hate on his own for being such a mainstream artist. What do you think? Will you throw down to it or just keep scrolling?

Brondo - Primal Party

Oh man, if you haven’t heard about Brondo yet, chances are you’ve been living under a rock... Or simply not on Twitter. Early in the year, Brondo popped up out on nowhere, accused of being Datsik in disguise. People were saying “his production is too good to be this new” and “he sounds exactly like Datsik” and plenty of other things I simply refuse to relay in this post... Someone even went so far as to edit Datsik’s name on Wikipedia to “Troy Brondo Beetles”... Long story short - one Twitter user did enough research to figure out that Brondo was simply a small producer from Colorado who had really started to make it into the scene. Sure, people are still strongly divided; but if you haven’t checked out his latest track, you really are missing out.

Tracks to cry to:

Seven Lions - First Time

I’m going to start with the fact that this isn’t my usual style of music, but I still appreciate being able to chill out to good tunes here and there. Seven Lions tends to bring a mix of slow songs, heavy drops, and emotional lyrics. This particular track, as a collab with Dabin, is no different - and the lyrics tell a story of falling deeply in love for the first time, being unsure if they truly deserve that love, and if it’s all real in the first place. This is the kind of track I would like to experience at a show one day, and feel that emotion and love of the crowd.

Illenium - Crashing

Illenium has been dropping a handful of stellar tracks in the last few months, all deeply emotional and true to himself. “Take You Down” is another prime example of that. I interpreted the lyrics of “Crashing” to be a mix of a one night stand (“eah, I got myself too drunk on you to drive, so I'm crashing here tonight, oh-oh, so I'm crashing here tonight”) that turns into a love story (“how could I go home, when I feel like I belong in your arms, it's like champagne, feel it pouring in my veins”), along similar lines as “First Time” that I just talked about. What do you think about the lyrics? Do you agree, or did you read different story into them?

Tracks to throw down to:

Sullivan King - Demented EP

Personally, this was the release I was most excited about. Not too many months ago, I found and really dove into Sullivan King’s music and fell in love. Needless to say, he’s one of my favorite producers, no questions asked - and I was lucky enough to see him live just a couple of weeks ago. This EP features four tracks - “The Demented”, “Lie”, “Show Stopper”, and “Don’t Care - Unplugged”. The first two are very much King’s sound - intense, with a lot of guitar and vocals. The third definitely is more the “EDM sound” he has been working his way into over time. The final track is a slow, unexpected, acoustic retake on an older track. This variation in sound keeps it interesting, and brought a lot of love from the EDM community.

Kompany - Metropolis EP

Kompany also recently dropped an EP, called Metropolis, and features four songs called “Firewall”, “Seething”, “Take It All” as a collab with Karra, and “Last Man Standing” as a collab with Virus Syndicate. “Firewall” and “Seething” are classic Kompany tracks, but “Take It All” really surprised me, in a good way. There are the heavy drops you expect to hear from any Kompany track, but it’s introduced with slower and emotional lyrics by Karra (who I’ve seen more frequently featured in various artists’ tracks). “Last Man Standing” was easily my favorite of the bunch, and is exactly as it sounds... Have fun moshing to that one, friends.

Most talked about so far:

Liquid Stranger - Infinity

Last week Friday, Liquid Stranger dropped a 30 track album. Thirty. Tracks. Okay, I’m just going to start with “who does that???” Liquid Stranger apparently. To be honest, I had no idea it was even dropping until a day or two beforehand; but when it did, I made a point to listen to it straight through, and I was thoroughly impressed. As a matter of fact, I saw zero hate on this album, all love. It it classic Liquid Stranger, with a slight twist. Many of the songs are collabs, with names like KJ Sawka, Spear, Leah Culver, Dion Timmer, Clozee, and more. There is plenty of smooth and heavy bass, lyrics that hit your heart, and melodies that take you straight into outer space. I want to keep my descriptions as vague as possible, so you can truly experience it on your own.

So what do you think? What are the some of the best and worst tracks dropped so far in 2019? What do you think about the tracks and EPs I listed above? Let me know in the comments below!

With peace, love, unity, and respect,

- Ashley


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