All About PLUR

All About PLUR
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Throughout your years spent raving you’ll meet all sorts of different people, but one common thread that ties us ravers together is living out “PLUR” both during the raves and in day-to-day life. It’s our way of life, and how we treat the people in our lives.

So... what exactly is it?

In short, PLUR stands for “peace, love, unity, and respect”.

Be a peaceful person. Your energies are constantly being released into the universe, so why leave a negative trail? Coming into all situations with a peaceful mindset will work wonders in every part of life, from creating new friendships to feeling more comfortable in your personal life to raising your vibe. You’ll become the person that brings peace and happiness into the lives of others!

Show love to all living things. You never know what someone is going through, and sometimes a simple smile can change their day. Hug your friends, pet your neighbor’s dog, buy somebody lunch, check in with people you’ve lost touch with - a little goes a long way, and soon you’ll find this love coming straight back to you.

Remember there is more power in unity than division. Everybody needs somebody, and these strong relationships hold so much power. Together we have fun, be supportive and uplifting, bring big changes, and make the world a better place. All that power sits within us, it's time we use it for good.

Treat all living things with respect. Whether that is really listening to what someone has to say, picking up a piece of garbage off the ground, acknowledging and working with differences, apologizing for a mistake, or making room for somebody to dance - small actions like these make a big difference in the community.

So it’s pretty clear how to demonstrate PLUR in your day-to-day life, but how is it different at raves? Well, that’s where kandi comes into play.

Kandi has been a long-standing symbol of PLUR in the rave community, and the people who wear it (lots and LOTS of it) are called “kandi kids”. (If you don’t already know what kandi is, it’s the bracelets, necklaces, masks, and more - made of pony and perler beads - that people wear to raves.) Kandi is traded as connections are made between ravers, and those trades are put away or on display as a keepsake of the good memories!

So, how do you trade kandi?

It’s actually quite easy! Each letter of PLUR has an action to go with it while trading, and people usually initiate the trade by asking to trade and throwing up a peace sign (the first step)!

P - Both of you put up a peace sign and connect them with your fingertips!

L - Make a hand heart with the person you’re trading with!

U - Interlace your fingers, hold their hand!

R - Take turns moving a bracelet (or cuff) to the other person while holding hands!

Most times, trades are finished off with a hug too :)

I learned about PLUR and kandi at the same time I was getting into the rave community, and I do have to say it has changed my life for the better. I have a much more positive outlook, a string of trades on display that bring nothing but happy memories, and an entertaining hobby that challenges me to make bigger and better kandi pieces each time!

These “old school” ideals may appear to be dying out, but you can be the change you want to see! Together, us kandi kids can bring back PLUR!

With peace, love, unity, and respect,

- Ashley


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